The River Rouge Watershed-Ours to Protect!!

Do you live in the River Rouge Watershed? Then you are a member of our community!We determined our community by the natural boundary of the River Rouge Watershed. We decided that this was our community because everything that everyone does within the watershed can have negative or positive consequences on the environment both locally and globally.We wanted to find out all about our community so we researched the history of our watershed and learned about what is going on in the watershed today.We thought about the future and realized that the future of the River Rouge Watershed's environment, land use, water quality and economy depends on the decisions that we make today as decision makers of tomorrow.We decided to learn how to become better stewards of the watershed and made this web page to share our learning journey with you, our friends and neighbors in the River Rouge Watershed .We hope after reading it that other members of our community will unite and take action to help us keep our part of the Great Lakes Great!