Emily Reis Agricultural Ecology Specialist from the Michigan Fram Bureau came to teach us more about agricultural land use. We did a fun activity cutting an apple into samller and samller pieces to see how much of the land on the whole planet is available for use for agriculture.It wasn't very much and it helped us understand that the decrease in agricultural landuse in our watershed is a cause for concern because as the population increases we will need more food.She taught us that farmers have to pass a test every year to let the Fram Bureau know that they know how much of each chemical they can use on the land to have the least environmental impact and if they don't pass the test they can't get the license to buy the chemicals. It was good to know that our local farmers care about the environment too. Our new governor has also announced plans to pass a new Law that would give farmers special accreditation if they can prove that they look after the environment. We also learned that "aquaculture" is the farming of fish!!