What Can We Do To Make Sure That Our Preferred Vision of The Future Comes True?Unite and Take Action!!!
After thinking about the possible future that our watershed could face we knew the only way to make our preferred vision of the future come true was to Unite and Take Action!!!. Here are the projects that we are working within our school and in the wider community to try and ensure a better future for the land, air and water of the River Rouge Watershed.Click on each link to learn more about how you too can make small changes that can have a big impact:
Projects In Our School:
Recycling Cans, Chip Packets, and Capri Suns
Warm Coats Warm Hearts
Energy makeup-power patrol
Trash Free Parties
Reusing paper
Carbon Emissions
Community Projects:
Technology Users Unite
Shoppers Unite
Voters Unite
Consumers Unite
Gardeners Unite
Residents Unite
Athletes Unite
Students Unite