People Who Helped Us

To help with our research and projects we contacted a lot of people in the local community by phone , email and in person. The list includes university professors, managers of local landfills, historians at the local museum, business owners, city planners, local farmers etc.. We learned that we have excellent resources in our local experts and they were all very helpful.
Mr. Kummler
Lisa Appel

David Baily

Razik Alsaigh

Randi Fires

Noel Mullet

Avis Vidal

Barbara Fails

Joe Mielke

James W. Ridgway
Phone: (313) 963-6600

Darryl Latimer
Job: Deputy at Detroit Water and Sewage Department

Tracy Iwrin
Job historian on the rouge river

Francis Blouin
Job history teacher at U of M

Jeremy Guest
E - mail:

Emily Hughes
Job: REP Manager

Larissa Larsen
Eco expert

Andra Mealy
Water Quality Manager

Proffeser Chales Bright
Proffeser of history at U of M

Ginny Beauregard
Watershed specialist at cranbrook

John Zawiskie
Geologist at Cranbrook
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John D. Warbach, Ph.D.
Professor at MSU
Job Associate Director,
Cyndi Ross
River Restoration Program Manager At Frriends of the Rogue
(313) 792-9621 x107

Joel Thurtell

Rachel Beryer:
SOF Staff / OFTP Instructor at msu organic farm

Soji Adelaja
Land Policy Institute Director

Sam Moran

Cyndi Ross
Job: River Restoration Program Manager

Jim Goodheart
Job: Researches Michigans Landuse and Michigan's environmental Quality
Number: (517)-241-7418

Frank Faga
Address: 912 Westwood Dr | Birmingham, MI 48009

Karen Hanna
Operations Director
(313) 792-9900 x108

Cyndi Ross
River Restoration Program Manager
(313) 792-9621 x107

kathleen klein
job: waste managment

Jennifer Holton
Public Information officer on agriculture