Everybody in our watershed uses technology from phones to GPS, to video games, and laptops.These electronics can contain harmful substances like lead, cadmium and mercury. If they are put in a landfill these contaminants can leak into the groundwater and cause serious health problems for people in our community. We organized a community E-Waste Recycling and Hard Drive Shredding Event. We asked people to bring in their old electronics and laptops for us to recycle them through Cartridges For Kids, an organization who safely reuses and recycles these things in an environmentally friendly way.

We also contacted Mr and Mrs Skorma who run a company in our community called Michigan Hard Drive Shredding. They brought along their trailer and shredded people's hard drives right in front of them so that they knew all of their personal information was safely and greenly disposed of.They even shredded a Lego piece so that we could see how the equipment worked.

Look out for E-Waste Recycling Events in your area and keep toxic chemicals out of landfills!!