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Hannah and Claire, the H20 Heroes

"Wasting water is such a bother."- H20 Heroes

What are the H20 Heroes? What do they do? We are two sixth grade girls at BCS who are doing a water conservation project . We are on a mission to save water one gallon at a time! You can help too! It’s super simple and easy. Not only is it good for the environment but, it can lower you water bill too! With just a little help you can make a big difference! We made a website amd encouraged people to take a water conservation pledge.We came to Open House, set up a informational display and encouraged people who came to visit our school to sign up for our water conservation pledge.We set up a table in our media center and asked people to take our water conservation pledge.


Repair all drippy or leaky faucets, They can waste up to 50 gallons per day
Take shorter showers and only fill baths 1/3 full
Insulate water pipes so hot water comes out faster
Store drinking water in the fridge rather than running tap h20
Never water the street, driveway or sidewalk
Only operate dishwashers and laundry machines when they are full
Avoid flushing the toilet unnecessarily
Make sure your home is leak free
Turn off the water when your brushing teeth or washing face
Consider creating a compost pile instead of garbage disposal
Never put water down the drain when there may be another use
Position sprinklers so they don't land on pavement
What Can I Do to Help the Cause?
One of Our Informational Posters

REMEMBER: This project is for all ages! Everyone can help us save water! It’s easy! All you do is sign up for our project on the sheet provided with your name and email. Our form of communication will be digital, using email and websites to keep in touch. Then you email us your water meter number each week. After two weeks we set you up with your very own water pledge and you start conserving! (Remember to include the unit of your water meter) From then on you just continue with sending us your water number. And we keep recording the data the whole way! Please consider joining us! We need as much participation as possible. We will guide you the whole way through.We hope to share our project with the whole world. We want to spread H20 Heroes information to as many places as possible and conserve water world wide! Thank you!

Important Documents and Files:

Visit our official web page at: www.beah20hero.webs.com
Contact us at: h20heroes@gmail.com