Two Volunteers from the Friends of the River Rouge came to give us a watershed presentation. They brought pans and plastic sheeting and sponges for us to build our own model of a waterhsed. We then placed things in them like houses and cars and factories.The fun part was using squeezy bottles full of water to spray all over our models like precipitation. We could see how the water ran down hills and formed lakes and ponds. Then we had to sprinkle things on our model like salt, which is used a lot in our watershed to melt the snow in Winter. We watched the salt dissolve and run off inot the lakes. We also put cholcolate sprinkles on our model to see how the erosion works and how sediment can build up in our rivers and lakes. The funniest one was chocolate drops that were supposed to be dog poop!! We saw how it was washed inot the rivers and lakes and contaminated them. This was a fun way to learn how a watershed works and how easily the water can be polluted through run off.