Energy Conservation

The Energy Power Patrol tries to get people in our school to conserve energy.We make announcements, put up posters and go around the building after school to turn off lights and electronics that have been left on.Saving energy reduces carbon emissions and helps to protect the air quality in our watershed.It also conserves the water in our watershed because thousands of gallons of water are used to generat electricity.

Power Patrol - Turning Off Lights

After every class is over we always remember to turn off the lights because when you turn off the lights you save electricity. Also at the end of the day we make sure that all the classrooms lights are off and we even have schedule for who turns off the lights in what hallway.
List of when to turn off lights

Power Patrol - Not Using The Handicap Button

At our school we have a handicap button to open the door at the front of the school. We have noticed that people have just been pressing the button even if they are not handicapped (in fact only two kids in the whole school need to use it). When you use the handicap button it opens the door for five seconds and lets a lot of heat out which then leads to the heater wasting more electricity. To solve this problem we put up a sign informing people on what happens when the button is pressed.
Sign To Stop People From Pressing The Button.

Power Patrol - Close The Door

When you leave the door open it waste heat and energy, so at our school we are encouraged to close the door instead of leaving it open.
A Kid Closing The Door Because It Got Left Open

Power Patrol - Turn Off Your Laptop When Not In Use

At our school we use laptops everyday and most of the time they get left on! So when ever someone is done we always make sure to turn it off.


This is a video that we made and we used imovie hope you enjoy!!!!