We decided to recycle bottlecaps because tons of bottlecaps are thrown away every year, and it takes lots of water to make plastic. Also, the bottles and the caps are different kinds of plastic, and if they're recycled together, they ruin a batch of plastic and it can't be used for anything else. Besides, you can make them into gorgeous murals. We ran a competition between all of the classrooms in our school and collected thousands of bottle caps which we will make into a mural . We asked everybody in the school to design a mural that shows how we at BCS value the land air and sea.We will make the huge mural with the bottle caps and put it in the main entrance to our school so every student, every parent, every teacher, every visitor-even the postman will be able to see it and it might make them think about recycling too.

This is a bee bottlecap mural
This is a bottlecap mural that is like a checkerboard on 1 side and the other is a target