In order to create this website our students needed a lot of help frm various experts in the community. They found them, interviewed them via email, the phone or in person. We also had our students go on field trips to museums and Environmental Centers , and when that wasn't possible we invited our local experts to come and share their knowledge with us in the classroom.Every time our students interacted with somebody from the community they were being ambassadors for our school and we wanted to share some of the feedback we have recieved so far:

"Thanks Izzy and GG. I think this is a great idea! Keep up the good work"
Pam Swert-Superintendent of Clarenceville Schools

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting your students and presenting to them.Feel free to contact me if you or they have any other questions. Tell them I wish them luck on their projects.
Charlotte Burkhardt
Oaklnd County Economic Development

We're glad the kids were able to come out and visit - they were an eager group, had very good questions, and showed sincere interest in security and being green. Please express our thanks to them.
Tony Skorma

I just wanted to let you know what a good time Aimee and I had yesterday
with your students. They were great sports!
Thank you for inviting us out to your school
Randi Fires
Rouge Education Project
Assistant Program Manager

Thank you so much for the opportunity to visit with your students about land use and agriculture. I had a great time. Your students were very well behaved, courteous and respectful. Their questions were very thought out and insightful.
Emily Ries
Michigan Farm Bureau

The kids were wonderful- very polite and inquisitive. I delight in seeing students wanting to learn and investigate.
Lisa Appel
Cranbrook Institute of Science