38% of the land in our watershed is used for agriculture, which is a lot less than in the past.
Their are over 320 different things grown in Michigan such as grapes, apples,corn and cranberries. Crop growing farms can cause environmental problems in the waterhsed because when it rains, the runoff carries fertilizers, sediment, and pesticides from the crops into the water and pollutes it.In our watershed farmers grow crops such as sugar, apples, and cherries.

In our watershed farmers have livestock such as pigs, chickens, cows, and sheep. This type of farming can cause problems for the environment because the animal waste has bacteria and other contaminants which can get washed into the water and pollute it.

Best management practices for this type of farming include a maintained vegative buffer along the side of the water to filter out pollutants and protect water quality. Another BMP would be to keep livestock away from streams or rivers.